The American Dream Home Beyond Expectation!

Gayle & Ben Scott

We interviewed multiple contractors for a major remodel of our newly acquired home. While every potential candidate gave us their full attention during the tour of the proposed project, we noticed that Gary Flint together with his wife, Dana, who is often the project manager, took copious notes and asked more questions to understand completely the scope of the job.

That interview process, together with references, made Flint Custom Homes our choice. We had done several extensive remodels on previous homes so our expectations and demands for quality and timeliness were high.

Right from the start, we were impressed with the thoroughness of their approach to even the smallest of tasks. Often times, we were the reason for delays, by changing our minds or adding additional work to the overall job. This flexibility ranked high on our list of why we would recommend them to anyone else.

Gary’s years of experience as well as his excellent choice in sub-contractors provided us with unparalleled expertise to solve issues that arouse in remodeling an older home. It’s inevitable that these issues come up, but there wasn’t one that wasn’t addressed to our complete satisfaction.

Unequivocally, in our opinion, you should give Flint Custom Homes your serious consideration.